About Introductory Tax Preparation Skills Course


Want to make money, learn a new skill, and turn a part-time project into a swelling, profitable business?

I thought so.

You want to raise enough money to spend more time with your family without sacrificing your lifestyle.

You want to learn a new skill that will grow Big Time money in Part Time hours.

You want the “Meat and Potatoes” of tax preparation that will help you advance, with the fat trimmed of.

If so, my friend, you are in the right spot!

I . GET . IT

I use to be in your shoes, spending hours every day in a job I didn’t like. Seeing little money or recognition to show for it. Making small advances at other businesses, some profitable some not, just to make other people rich.

Wishing I could find something substantial to turn into a full-time business without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

But then things changed.

I developed a system—one that actually works—that shows exactly what you need to make thousands of dollars on a tax preparation hobby. In 1 tax season, I was able to QUIT my day job, pay off debt, and grow my Tax Business full-time. In two years, I made enough to drastically increase my clientele, buy my dream house, and travel overseas for months.


Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Getting Started

  • 2

    Tax Preparation 101

    • Tax Professional Resource Guide

    • Filing Statuses and More

    • Who is the MVP Tax Client and How to Find Them

    • Tax Preparation 101 Quiz

  • 3

    The Sole Proprietor and the Schedule C

    • The Schedule C De-Mystified

    • Common Business Deductions for Schedule C

    • Essential Business Deductions Guide for the Self-Employed

    • Tricky Business Deductions and Red Flags

    • The Sole Proprietor Quiz

  • 4

    Standard Deduction and Itemizations

    • Tax Preparer Due Diligence

    • How to effectively service higher income clients

    • Introductory Tax Preparations Skills Readiness Test

    • Instructions for getting your Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)

  • 5


    • Next Steps

    • Important Numbers for Tax Preparers Reference Chart

    • How to process a new client with Crosslinks Professional Tax Software

    • Step-by-Step Instructions to Get your Business Tax ID or EIN

    • How to Handle an Irate Caller

    • Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet

    • Tax Preparer Checklist for Each Client

About the instructor